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Soil and Amendments

Soil is the key to successful gardening and it cannot be overlooked.  Here in the LowCountry, soil varies depending on the neighborhood you live in.  It can be loose and sandy or dense, compact clay.  The key is to identify your soil and work to improve its condition before planting.  All soil benefits from adding organic materials twice a year which will help reduce insect damage and disease as well as decreasing the need for fertilizing.


There are three basic soil types, clay, sand and loam. Loam is a combination of clay, silt, sand and organic matter, and is the best and easiest soil to work with. It has the most diverse combination of materials, giving it the richest soil. Clay, ­which holds water too long, and sand, which doesn't hold water long enough, can impose limitations on how your yard can be landscaped. Because loam has both, it balances the soil out so it holds the proper amount of water, and the silt and organic matter don't hurt either.


In our area, depending on the ph of the soil, gypsum is recommended for helping break up hard alkaline clay soil.  Another way to amend clay soil is to add bagged compost and bagged manure.  All of these items are available at Hidden Ponds Nursery.  Begin by loosening the clay in the area where you want to create a bed. Dig down about 12 inches. Once the ground is broken up add 3 inches of bagged garden soil, 3 inches of compost and 3 inches of ground, decomposed pine bark.

Amending sandy soil is much easier.  Add compost to the first 2-3 inches of soil.


Pine Straw

Pine straw breaks down slowly over time, so it doesn't need to be applied as often as other landscaping mulches. Pine straw adheres well to slopes and will help your garden or landscape resist erosion, acting as a blanket by shielding plants from harsh weather.

Pine straw doesn't compact and allows better water filtration. Pine straw helps insulate your plants by keeping them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  When purchasing pine straw be mindful that it is recommended that it be applied 3 inches deep on the ground surface.  Pine straw is available by the bail at Hidden Ponds Nursery.

Pest Control


Plants can be damaged or eaten by the tiniest bug to the large four legged creatures.  Certain plants have more appeal than others and depending on a variety of factors including weather conditions, various bugs can wreak havoc on delicate leaves and flowers.  Doesn't it always happen when your garden is looking its best with flowers in full bloom and plants lush and green.  One day its beautiful and the next morning an overnight visitor used your garden as its own personal salad bar, chewing plants to the ground and snapping off precious blooms.  Take back control of your garden.  We stock a variety of animal repellants as well as organic and non organic bug sprays.

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Our Refund Policy

We will happily refund your product in its original condition and container within 7 days of purchase as long as you provide the initial receipt.  We cannot refund for brown thumbs.


We take great care to buy quality plants from reputable growers and the trees, shrubs and perennials we supply are known to thrive in our planting zone.  Most of our plant containers are marked with the individual plant's growing requirements and we have a knowledgeable staff should you have any questions.


Your success is our success and we are here to help make that happen.





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