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A shrub is defined as a woody plant that is smaller than a tree.  It is typically the backbone of most landscape designs.  Shrubs are interesting in that there is always a shrub for every soil type and site situation.  They provide a visual interest with their various leaf textures, colors, flowers, and shapes.  Some shrubs are deciduous and drop their leaves in the winter while others are evergreen and keep their leaves throughout the year providing color in the winter when many plants have died back.

Some of our favorites for sunny areas include:


Bottlebrush, an evergreen with red flowers that resemble the end of a bottlebrush.  Beautiful planted in a row and used as a privacy screen.  Can reach 10 feet tall or more.


Ligustrum, a fast growing, dense evergreen with fragrant, small white flowers in the Spring.  Can be planted in a group to create a tall, thick hedge or planted as part of the landscape.  Will grow over 10 feet and can be easily cut back and shaped.


Oleander, few plants are adaptable to growing conditions as the Southern favorite, Oleander.  Different varieties produce diffferent color flowers at their branch tips, but these plants are attractive all season with their dark green, leathery foliage. 


Abelia, with lots of varieties to choose from these are multifunctional in the landscape as they can be used as shrub borders, foundation plantings or informal hedges and screens.  A standout in any landscape design is the Kaleidescope variety as it has leaves that change as the seasons do.


Don't despair if you have shady areas to plant.   We have a few favorites for these areas to:

Pieris, on this evergree plant, clusters of white, urn shaped flowers open in winter These plants do best in areas of high shade or dappled sun and prefer a more acidic soil.


Hydrangea, all but a few varieties prefer shade and boast flowers in pinks, blues, whites and purples.  The color of the flower can be changed based on the acidity of the soil.  These plants look terrific in masses, or planted singularly or potted.  They do drop their leaves in the winter, leaving only branches remaining.


Camellia, it wouldn't be the South without Cameillias and due to their immense popularity the varieites are endless.  Essentially, they are divided into two categories, Japonica and Sasanqua.  Japonica varieties are defined by bold flowers and prefer shade, sheltered from the hot afternoon sun. Depending on the varity they can bloom between November and March.  Sasanqua varieties can tolerate more sun, heat and a wider range of soil.  The blooms are smaller but so is the plant and therefore easier to incorporate into a landsape.


Azalea,Arguably the South's most favorite shrub, most varieties are acid loving and prefer rich well drained soil.  Planting Azaleas in clay is not recommended as root rot will often ensue.   These plants typically bloom in spring however there are a few varieties that will rebloom all year long. 

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We will happily refund your product in its original condition and container within 7 days of purchase as long as you provide the initial receipt.  We cannot refund for brown thumbs.


We take great care to buy quality plants from reputable growers and the trees, shrubs and perennials we supply are known to thrive in our planting zone.  Most of our plant containers are marked with the individual plant's growing requirements and we have a knowledgeable staff should you have any questions.


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